Cardinal Cross Demo Review.

When Lana Brice, a small time Raider Scavenger meets her mysterious client, she realises her life just took a very wrong turn in the worst way possible.

Being forced to join a stranger’s fight, can she discover her feelings towards injustice?

Will this careless adventure become the sparks of a Galactic disaster?

Learn more about Cardinal Cross: Itchio | Website | Tumblr | Twitter

From the beginning, the GUI has a very polished and mechanic look to it that does a good job in easing the player into setting of the story, though it is a little hard to read all the text with how small it is. The background are beautiful and very detailed, while showing off what part of the galaxy the story is taking place in — from a regal throne room to some seedy bar looking for information. The character designs are equally as detailed as they show off the differences in status of each character and how exactly they fit into the story. However, the story seems to be hiding more than just a simple scavenging and return mission.

The story starts off with Lana handing Egon –her latest client– the item that he had paid to be found. From that point on, both Egon and Lana are running around as they are chased by Egon’s old comrades, while Lana tries to understand what she has been thrown into. The player is also shown a lot of different scenes in which Lana’s actions to steal the artifact for Egon have set up certain groups to search for it and get it back by any means necessary. At the same time, the player is also shown how Egon’s betrayal has effected those close to him, as well as the different connections that Lana seems to have in order to get her work done in an effective way.

Personally, I really enjoyed Lana’s personality regardless of the choices made because she just seems naturally sassy and adventurous throughout the whole demo. It just seems like she enjoys what she does and it doesn’t matter what danger she might be placed in. However, that might be too much for certain people, depending on who the player is trying romance since some of my choices seem to catch Egon’s ire. All the characters seem to have a lot of background with each other and there seems to be a bigger story going on, though Lana might not exactly know that yet. Lana has a lot of already established relationships within the game and a new one with Egon, so it will be interesting to see how those change and develop throughout the story, especially with the danger of Galactic disaster and possible falling in love on the horizon.

If you are interested in space mysteries and characters with multiple hidden agendas, consider checking out the demo and look forward towards the full game!


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