Secrets Demo Review.

“Players” — they are disgusting and lowlife creatures, according to Allaya, who has an immense hate for her so-called “player” neighbor Sean and his younger brother Xie. Sean doesn’t have the greatest opinion of Allaya either, while Xei seems to have a different opinion about her entirely though it is always hard to gauge what he is thinking. 

Then, there’s Stefano, a handsome and spontaneous writer that she met in a cafe. He seems like a normal guy, but what his real deal? In the life of Allaya, will these guys make her life harder or easier? Will her feelings towards these guys remain the same or will they develop into something else?

Learn more about Secrets: Itchio | Twitter

After playing their Nanoreno 2017 game, I decided to look up more of KagiProject’s games and found that they have a demo for a game called Secrets. While they seem to be working on a remastered version of the demo, I decided to play this one since they had just put it back up on itchio! I am going to be truthful and say that the main character, Allaya, was the one that really caught my attention at first simply because of her personality! The GUI is the simple, but the background and character design are done really well! However, the story seems really interesting and the characters are just as much of enigma as what seems to be going on!

The story takes place during summer break, as Allaya seems to be spending some time with her best friend, Esmaye. However, the sudden appearance of her older brother, Sean, seems to put the group in a tense situation since one word from Sean’s mouth sends Allaya into an angry frenzy. At the same time, some financial problems in regards to her parents make Allaya get a job a local cafe. From that point on, we see Allaya interact with different men and how she just doesn’t seem to trust them, though her level of annoyance depends on some factors. For example, while Allaya is put off by Xie and his quite nature, she is able to hold a decent and minimal conversation with him. With Stefano, she might get annoyed with him, but is professional enough to talk to him after she gets a new job at the cafe. It will be interesting to see how all these interactions and problems will make Allaya change and how she will fall in love with someone that she dubs to be a “player”.

From her interactions with other people, it seems that Allaya is a very defensive person, while she can be kind there is always something within her ready to strike should the situation call for it. This happens the most with Sean, as they seem to push themselves constantly into shouting matches. She always has something on her mind and always seems to be worrying about it, such as her parents’ current situation. However, she seems to be kind and tends to do things her age, as shown when she hangs out with Esmaye. All the guys have differing personalities with Sean seeming the most like a player and also the one that provokes Allaya the most, while Xie doesn’t really talk much and is more observant than his older brother. Stafano is kind, but he seems to be hiding something, though he does have a certain way with words.

Everyone seems to be hiding something and it will be exciting to see how it might change Allaya’s perspective of them and how it might change their relationship dynamics. I am most excited to see this with Sean since they are just so mean with each other! The demo does a good job in building a lot of questions, so it will be nice to see how they are answered through the course of the story. So consider checking the demo out!


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