In The Box! – Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Limited Edition.

After a long hiatus, the newest version of Hakuoki has made it to the western market and like many others, I knew needed to buy the LE that was announced by Idea Factory International (IFI). Since its initial Western release in 2012, many different versions of the first Hakuoki have been released to the point that it might be annoying to some, but Kyoto Winds adds new routes and extra content to a familiar game. In my continuing journey to get all these wonderful LE, I knew I had to get this one when the preorders were available.

First, it was nice to see that IFI was the group to handle the distribution of the LE through their website, because it just felt easier for me to handle when it come to ordering it. At the same time, it was really surprising is that the LE is arrived earlier than its initial release date. When I first saw the LE box, it was shock to see how big it actually was. The inside of the box is beautifully done and there are a lot of goodies attached to it!


The box art looks wonderful and it is cute to see the new and old characters in chibi form throughout the sides of the box. It is also vert sturdy as the inside of the box continues the flower theme. The layout is done really, though it was a little confusing for me to put all the stuff back, but I have always been bad at those sorts of things. The first thing one sees when the open the box is the bento box and the game. Underneath that, the furoshiki along with the artbook and OST soundtrack can be found. The great quality continues since the bento box and the artbook are made of some solid material.


It is stated that the bento box is made out of bamboo and some other materials. It shows it off well and it is made to be quite strong, though it cannot be put in microwave! However, it can still be used to lunch, as shown here, or just as a keepsake box to keep certain things in. The OST has a very nice cover and it is surprising to see that it actually has quite the selection of music to it. It is really nice to listen to! I look forward to hearing the music in connection to the story and its emotional moments along the way.


The cover to the game is really nice, but it can also be reversed to the image on the LE box, which I changed though it isn’t pictured. The art book is small, but there is a lot of information about both new and old characters that haven’t been properly shown to the Western audience before, which I am excited to see. Unlike the art book that came with the 3DS game, this one has a hardcover and isn’t just some image. There is character information, pictures, and the process of how they were created some of art as well. The furoshiki is really big and seems like it could just be placed on the wall to display, in a similar way to the tengui from the 3DS LE!

Overall, this seems to be the best Hakuoki LE thus far since it has some many goodies to show off and great box that it come it, while showing off different aspects of the franchise in several styles. At the same time, it brings in a OST soundtrack and art book that were severely missing from the other two Hakuoki LEs. This is a really nice LE and it makes me excited to play the game and see what is going to come with the localized version of Hakuōki: Shinkai – Kaze no Shou comes out.



All the Hakuoki LEs thus far!


5 responses to “In The Box! – Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds Limited Edition.

  1. As much as I love all the goodies, I’m not a huge fan of this series….and I’m worried that the second release will result in another LE….there goes all my money rofl.

    I’m so glad you like the LE and it certainly is the best LE they’ve released thus far.


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