Two Scoops Demo Review.

It’s the story of a big girl in a small town who finds romance at her local ice cream shop. In this game, you take on the role of a young woman who has just started a new job at a local, family-owned ice cream shop. She’s taken on a big responsibility, too: two of the employees are going away soon, leaving her to fill their shoes! With only a week remaining before their departure, the situation seems tricky for our protagonist, but she is determined to show that she’s the right one for the job, all while growing closer to her co-workers along the way.

Learn more about Two Scoops: Kickstarter | Twitter | Itchio

First off, I must say that the GUI and aesthetic of the whole game is very cute and is very reminiscent of an ice scream shop, so it does good job in setting up the area of the game. There is some variety in choosing the main character, so that is interesting to see. The cast of character is all very different in terms of looks, personalities, and how they interact with the main character so it will be nice to see how that changes throughout the course of the story, especially as the main character gets better at her job and begins to form stronger bonds with her coworkers.

The story starts off during one of the main character’s early work shifts, as she tries to get used to some of the things around the ice cream shop. During her break, she receives a message from Malik to tell the manager (and his cousin) that he will be a few minutes late for the start of his shift. She is also shown to have a very tepid relationship with Noah and a non-existent one with Jamie, who just ignores her most of the time. While reprimanded by the manager, Malik is shown to be a happy sort of guy that is willing to help the main character around work, though that is taken as something different by some coworkers. The main character still has a lot to learn and the water seems sort of murky, as she tries to get along with the multiple personalities within the ice cream shop.

The demo was short, but it showed a lot of the beginning dynamics of all the character relationships, as well as how the main character is handling her new job. There might be certain things that she doesn’t know or enjoy, but she seems willing to learn. There is a lot of fun and easygoing potential for this game, so consider checking it out when you have the time!


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