In Your Arms Tonight – Ritsu Moriyama (Main Story) Review.

  • As she struggles with her work and her married life with Koichi, the main character finds herself leaning towards unlikely ally for support — Ritsu Moriyama, her husband’s best friend.
  • As she tries to figure the truth behind Koichi’s cheating and begins to question the reasons behind her marriage, she helps Ritsu close his own personal wounds in regards to love and family.
  • Yet, as she finds herself falling in love with Ritsu, will her duty as a wife stop her form finding her real happiness?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7.5/10

The main character is someone who is extremely hardworking and diligent in learning everything she can in order to prove herself worthy and catch up to her peers who have been working on the Design Team longer. She struggles a lot, but also seems to learn something from the experience and takes everything with stride. However, she tends to keep everything she is suffering about to herself and tries to keep moving along because she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to other people, especially with thinking that her marriage might be falling after only 3 months — the only who knows about that is Ritsu. However, it is because of Koichi’s cheating that the main character questions her own value and self-esteem since she doesn’t understand what she did “wrong” so early on in their marriage. The current state of her marriage puts her in an uneasy position in regards to her view as a “woman” and a “wife”, and though he might not be aware of it Ritsu is always there to dispel those fears.

Ritsu Moriyama is Koichi’s best friend and a physics teacher at an all girls’ school, though he has a fondness for astronomy as well. From the moment that the main character meets Ritsu, he seems to have an air of strangeness around him with the tendency of forgetting things and seeming to have his head in the clouds with very little to say. However, he is very blunt when he does have something say, as shown when he tells the main character that she shouldn’t married Koichi. At first, Ritsu seems very distant and unsure of what to do with the situation involving the main character, but he does his best to help in his own strange ways. Koichi mentions that both him and Ritsu don’t believe in love or marriage and that seems true due to his familial background, but Ritsu overcomes that with the help the main character. Another big difference between Koichi and Ritsu, as pointed by the main character, was that Ritsu was always willing to listen to her unlike Koichi who simply wanted her to do anything that he demanded of her. It makes their relationship more easygoing and filled with more compromise than her marriage with Koichi, though it takes a lot of drama to get there.

The story begins some time before Koichi and the main character actually marry and through a strange accident, she ends up meeting Ritsu Moriyama — Koichi’s best friend. However, the man heeds her a word of warning that she shouldn’t marry Koichi, which obviously the main character doesn’t follow. Three months in, the main character is worrying about Koichi cheating when she once again meets Ritsu during her newest interior design assignment. Through spending time with her, Ritsu comes to see how much she is hurting due to Koichi and proposes an alternative for the newlywed couple — that the main character live with him for awhile. But, what will happened once hearts become tangled in the process?

First off, I want to say that all of the adults in this game handled the situation very badly! The story really left like a drama at times and Koichi just standing aside and not doing anything to make the main character see that he was changing was very disappointing. He does nothing and the supposedly most important people in his life begin to mend each other and fall in love in the process. For always seeing the main character struggle to have Koichi love her, this is one of the routes where she doesn’t really do anything — she pins over him at times, but seems all right with with living with Ritsu, as if they are the newly married couple. Also, for Ritu being all logical and distant, he seems to go with his emotions when trying to help the main character, though it is unknown to the player if he might have started having feelings for her by that point. Everything that pushes Ritsu and the main character together just seems very sloppy, but maybe life is just like that sometimes?

It is also due to Ritsu’s personality that the chemistry is kind of hard to believe until he actually kisses the main character. Ritsu seems to care for the main character, but for the most part it doesn’t seem really romantic and the main character is simply there to support him during this turbulent time, not realizing that she is in love with him until she has long left his house. The two do care about each other, but it seems to cause more drama that they didn’t figure out their feelings earlier before Koichi came back to get the main character, though his own actions are at fault for this starting in the first place. At the same time, while it might seem like Ritsu isn’t listening to the main character, he is actually paying a lot of attention to what she talks about and her likes, as shown various times throughout the story.

Unsurprisingly, the most important supporting character in this story is Koichi because it is through his actions that the main character is driven into Ritsu’s arms by living with him and doing nothing about that strange situation, as well as making them both realize that they are in love with each other by driving them apart. It’s all a little ironic since Ritsu’s plan was suppose to work in Koichi’s favor. The theme seems to be centered around building relationships since everything Ritsu does is for the main character and Koichi to become a stronger couple, but it backfires and Ritsu and the main character end up falling in love. It also shows that compromise and communication are key factors to a relationship, as shown with the two men at the center of this story.

There are a lot of issues with this story, so it might not be the best for everyone but Ritsu does care deeply about the main character though it is show in odd but endearing ways. So, if you like Ritsu’s type, consider checking it out!


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