Tell a Demon Demo Review.

Take on the role of a human girl in a supernatural city, an immortal demoness with a mission (and possibly a vendetta), and an undead fellow who wouldn’t mind having his life back, thank you very much.

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It took me awhile to find my notes for this demo, but I finally did! While, I have seen a lot more visual novels come out with multiple perspectives for several different characters, but I think this is the first game (personally) that I saw with such a premise! The first thing that grabbed my attention was the art. It really delves the player into the 1920′s with the character designs and clothing, but the background settings, tweaks here and there, and even the shading/lighting remind the player that there is something old and magical running throughout the city. There are things lurking in the shadows of what looks like a magical and modern Renaissance painting and if they aren’t cautious it will swallow them whole. However, there are still a lot of mysteries to solve within each character’s story.

As stated before, the player goes through 3 POVs of different entities living with the city. Before the player really enters the story, they are given a small background on the setting and how the city was created, though there have been problems along the way. Each section shows how each of these characters lives within the city and the problems that they seem to be facing as well as the mysteries that they are trying to uncover. Julius seems to be trying to find a way to break himself from the shadow demons since his death, while trying to find out exactly what happened to him and resisting the “hunger” within him. Kalevel is an immortal being who is searching into the strange happenings within city, though she is starting to find out that her detachment from everything else is coming back to haunt her. Tell has just moved into the city and though everyone around her still seems to be grieving over over her dead cousin, just as she seems to be getting her bearings together — Tell meets one of the city’s many otherworldly citizens, but can she ever truly be free?

The story gives different information between each change of perspective and the player gets to see different aspects of the city through the POV since all 3 of them are vastly different from each other. While the characters all seems to be looking for different things, there seems to be a larger plan that might connect all 3 of them in the end. There isn’t really any romance seen in the demo, but there are some interesting characters here and there that seems very connected to the central characters, this is especially shown during Kalevel’s POV. The story also raises a lot more questions than actually answering them, but it keeps the player intrigued about what is going on and how their choice will effect the story in the long run.

This visual novel is really unique in terms of art and storytelling with a lot of mysteries left to be solved or if the opposite will happen and all the unknowns hiding in the darkness will end up taking claim of the main characters. The only way to find out is checking out parts I-III, as the creator currently works on part IV.  So if you like mystery and the supernatural, consider checking this game out!


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