Monthly Updates! – May 2017.

This series is centered around the monthly updates of different OLEVNs being developed with an emphasis on romance or if the protagonist(s) is/are female. Otome games in development or that have been released will also be mentioned, but as a secondary focus. Due to the abundance of the mobile games and blogs that already follow their releases, I will only mention new mobile games releases.

Take a look around and hopefully you find something the piques your interest!

announcements - spring

  • RenKinovels is planning on announcing a new otome game!
  • GB Patch Games has started up and successfully funded their Kickstarter for XOXO Droplets, in order to make the game free-to-play! They have also released a new demo.
    • They have also secured partial voice acting for the game!
  • Silent Voices has also launched their Kickstarter campaign!
  • Starlight of Aeons has launched (and passed) Steam Greenlight!
  • Let’s Not Stay Friends launched (and passed) on Steam Greenlight too!
  • Aeon Dream Studios is getting ready to release Mystic Destinies: Echoes. They currently have a 10% of preorders and are getting ready for a  Steam Greenlight campaign.
  • MUMA Games is currently having an indiegogo campaign for Mimi no Ai. They are looking towards a December 2017 released and they also have a demo out!
  • Tell A Demon has launched a Steam Greenlight campaign as it nears its release date!
  • Studio Dipper has announced their summer plans with demos releases for a(t)rium and BL4NKxRE4DER.
  • Ren’py Tom has created Patreon page to help offset the the cost of updating the program!
  • Sekai Project has announced a new line for otome and BL-themed games, Maiden Voyage. Their first game will be OTUSUN Club‘s The Bell that Chimes for Gold.
  • Afterthought Studios has teased they are helping a new company with an otome game.
  • Pillow Fight Games has launched a Kickstarter for their latest game, Two Scoops: An Ice Cream Dating Shop Sim. They have also released a demo!
  • Naive Sprites is getting ready to launch their newest Kickstarter for A Very Important Date on June 6th, 2017.
  • Ebullience Games is getting ready to start up their Kickstarter for The Masquerade Killer around July 11th, 2017 with a demo and Prefundia page coming out around June 10th, 2017.
  • What!? My Neighbors Are Demons!!?  has just launched a campaign for Steam Greenlight
  • Anomalis has announced their newest game Sealed and Signed with a Kiss!

releases - spring

  • Hanako Games as released England Exhange on Steam!
  • Zeiva Inc. finally released Dragon’s Essence -Color My World- though their website! A Steam release is soon to follow.
  • ImpQueen Games has released a demo for Cardinal Cross.
  • Sadly, Taisho x Alice was released by E2 Gaming.  If you are doubtful about how bad this game actually is, consider checking out BishieFantic’s tweets from when she was playing!
  • Gakuen Club (previously Campus Nightlife) was released by Dogenzaka Lab via Steam.
  • Fool’s Helper can now be played in Spanish!
  • Idea Factory International has released Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds through Amazon, Gamestop, Best Buy, and various other retailers. The Limited Edition can be found on their store website.
  • Liar! Office Deception has been released by Voltage Inc, through the original Liar! app.
  • Star Days was released online by Pacthesis.
  • My Curry Boyfriend was released by Genius.
  • Vampire Love has been released by Hanabi Media.
  • Princess to Be has been released by DeareaD.
  • False Fiance ~Sham Wedding~ has been released by Ciagram Co.
  • Love Quest was released by Abracadabra for Android.
  • Royal Wedding Quest has released a demo for the game. Consider checking out more information on their tumblr!

updates - spring

  • As of May 31st, Notice Me Senpai will no longer be available to download on either Apple or Android. If you have the game on any device, you can still play it but cannot buy any gems or ask for refunds.
  • Also as of May 31st, players can no longer make purchases from standalone Anemix Voltage App into the Lovestruck App.  Please note now that after June 30th, players can no longer transfer purchases and all standalone apps with be shutdown.
  • ROSEVERTE has failed in its indiegogo goal for How to Fool a Liar King. However, they have passed Steam Greenlight!
    • They have released a blog post in regards to what they plan on doing with the game moving forward, plus a little bit more about it.
  • Kokorogawari has passed Steam Greenlight!
  • The website for Collar x Malice has launched. The box art has also been released as well.
  • Cinderella Phenomenon on Steam was updated to Ver. 1.1 with improvements on previous glitches!
  • Zodiac Axis released a large art dump!
  • AIdol: Artificial Intelligence Idol has been successfully funded!
  • Akash: Path of Five is finish up finish up their VA recording! It also has an announcement in regards to  their main character, Aurora!
  • The Letter is going through beta testing and while it has hit some setbacks, it should still be releasing within Q2!
  • GB Patch Games is working on releasing an Android version for A Foretold Affairs with the tentative window for Fall 2017.
  • Reine Works is working smoothly on demo for Reflections ~Dreams and Reality~.
  • The Masquerade Killer is steadily getting updated on its sprites and background art.
  • The Pirate Mermaid is showing off its hint and karma system! They have also passed their Steam Greenlight!
  • Paper-Parot has merged their two blogs, so you can get all news about Meet Me at Sea and their other project, All That Glitters in one dev blog!
  • Poison Apple Tales is working smoothly towards their 2nd demo for Beauty and the War.
  • Reverie: Ebon Light is moving along well with its script
  • Matchaa Studio has released a roll call for some the characters from Golden Hour.
  • Seraphinite Games is working steadily on Chapter 3 of The Wayhaven Chronicles and the drawings for Touch of Fae.
  • ImpQueen Games has been working on both Linen Tale and Ascension. They have also released a small video for the former.
  • Magical Warrior Diamond Heart is moving forward with backgrounds!
    • They have also been thinking of making a Kickstarter for the game and on having other payment options.
  • Nova has been updated on its current WIP status.
  • The Arcana was updated with a new chapter and bug fixes!
  • Chronotopia is making steady progress in terms of insert and background CGs.
  • Naive Sprites is making steady progress with A Very Important Date and people can still order merchandise on their Storenvy for A-Kon!
  • Mystic Destinies is close to having their artbook completed and is looking for a Summer 2017 release with a possible physical release as well! They are also showing off the multiple ladies involved with Hikaru’s route!
    • In terms of To the End of the Sky, Aeon Dream Studios seems to be getting ready to work on the second part of the demo.
  • Infurubia has been teasing some of the music that will be in the game.
    • They have also opened preorders for Infurubia and The Knife of the Traitor merchandise.
  • Zeiva Inc. seems to be moving forward with Animal Complex – Sheep’s Path, though there are issues here and there.
  • Women of Xal is having some background CGs and character designs being made!
  • Changeling is moving forward with both writing and some of its CGs.
  • Heart of Thorns has had some of its characters redrawn and is making progress in its background designs.
  • While, there have been some setbacks with the script for Queen’s Crown, everything else has been moving forward.
  • SweetChiel is getting ready to release their indigogo campaign for Nusantara: Bermuda Triangle!
  • Lads in Distress is showing of the character designs for Charming’s parents.
  • KHR! Otome Game is back up with some art and writing updates, while looking for some people to recruit for the game development!
  • Changeling is making steady progress on its art and script!
  • Poison Apple Tales has also been making progress on their 2nd demo!
  • Eirrir is doing some character and CGs previews for Operation: Future Domination!
  • Dicesuki has released a link for the OP and ED of Cinderella Phenomenon, as they work on both the artbook and fandisk.
    • They have also begun the writing stage for the fandisk and have announced a tentative release date of November – December 2017

events - spring

  • It was announced through Sekai Project’s blog that the creators of ALICE IN DISSONANCE (Munisix and Hare) will be attending Anime Expo 2017 (July 1st – 4th) for panels and autograph sessions.
  • SakeVisual’s founder, Aya Sakata, will be at AnimeFest in Dallas, TX from Aug. 17-20, 2017 for some VN-related fun!
  • NTTSolmare has announced that it will be attending Anime Expo 2017. They will be in the South Hall in Booth #1400.
  • Belated on my part, but Cybird will also be at Anime Expo 2017. They will be promoting Ikemen Sengoku along with their other games.

interesting posts - spring




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  1. Great post with lots of information! A great read for people who want to keep up with all the OELVNs around, I like sharing it with my friends who don’t really keep up with the community but are interested in otomes. Aaaa and thank you for including Fool’s Helper’s Spanish translation too!


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