Dangerous Seduction – Haruma Fujioka (Main Story) Review.

  • After her father’s death, the main character gets dragged into some shady dealings that almost killed her, if it has not been for one group of wanted criminals.
  • The main character now finds herself under their constant protection until their contract ends and she has to pick one person to constantly watch over her, she chooses Haruma Fujioka – the flirty and kind back-alley doctor.
  • Haruma seems to care deeply about the main character’s well-being, but there seems to be something darker connected to his always present smile.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character at the current moment seems to be trying to overcome her father’s recent death and trying to get work as a freelance journalist. Due to this, she tends to be very curious about certain things and goes straight into researching something she doesn’t know a lot about. After meeting the group that has been sent to protect her, she is very confused and scared of whatever her father might have been hiding, but she tries her hardest to keep doing the “normal” things within her life, though she finds out that is easier said than done. She is very kind and tends to care a lot about people, even if they might not feel the same way. She is also very trusting, which tends to get her in some dangerous situations here and there. She is also very open about her feelings, though she does struggle with realizing that she has fallen in love with Haruma and how she with deal with her feelings while he just views her as a “sister”. She has a tendency of fighting back against Haruma’s flirtations, though she does come to care deeply about him and tries stubbornly to make him see the error in his current way of thinking. She is also very observant in this route, as shown with how quickly she sees what Haruma is trying to hide behind his cheerful and happy attitude.

Haruma Fujioka is a flirty back-alley doctor that always has a smile on his face and a remark ready to woo the main character. In the beginning,  it seems like all he cares about his money and selling his services to the highest bidder for some ice cream, which angers the main character. However, she comes to see that he also cares about his patients and does choose whether certain people should pay or not for his services. At the same time, Haruma is very trusting of people and it isn’t until the bitter end when he is forced to see the true colors of someone that he thinks highly of that he changes his mind, though it still seems to weighs heavily on his mind later on. Outside of that, there is always a smile on Haruma’s face and he always seems to say something that disarms whatever situation he is placed in, almost like he is playing the airhead. He is actually very observant, especially of the main character, and tries his best to make her feel at ease and make sure that the danger doesn’t bother her job as much as he actually can stop it. However, there are at times where his point-of-view and how he views himself takes a dark turn, which shows that he cannot express his emotions well nor can he forgive himself for something that happened in the past. It is due to all of this that Haruma seems to be stuck in a particular point in his life that he cannot move on from and the main character shows up to help him move those gears of life once more.

Due to his personality, the main character decides to make Haruma her main bodyguard, though his flirtatiousness soon makes her regret that decision. Through her new job for Kanari Hospital, the main character comes to learn more about Haruma’s past and that his initial personality might be hiding something darker in how he sees himself. As she spends more time with Haruma, she comes to see the darker aspects of his personality and wishes to do something to help him move forward — to the point that she realizes that she has fallen in love with him. However, after learning who is connected to the opposing organization, Haruma isn’t sure if he can really believe it or move on from his past, but the main character and the rest of their group are there to move him forward and see the truth that has been hidden from him for so long.

After going through another route, I was getting the feeling that Haruma was going to have the “dead girlfriend” trope within his route, especially with how he reacted to the name “Nozomi”. However, that dead girlfriend I was dreading turned out to be a dead sister, whose tragic accident Haruma constantly blamed himself for to the point that he quit being a doctor and kept his emotions locked away with the idea that he couldn’t be happy or fall in love. It might not be the best method, but it is good to see how the main character pushes Haruma to see the truth of what really happened and that Nozomi would want him to move on. The only thing that is sort of strange about the route is that the main character is constantly told that she looks and acts like Nozomi, which can be a little creepy at times.

Something that Voltage doesn’t do often is use metaphors for things and this the 2nd route I have seen this happen in. For Haruma, it is the watch that Nozomi gave him and seems to be frozen in time due to a mechanical problem represents Haruma’s current life situation. It takes the main character taking the watch from him and looking for a way to repair to get it moving again, in a similar that her actions gets him to move forward and finally let go all of his pent-up emotions. To continue with that, the theme seems to be centered around moving forward and forgiving one’s self since these are two things that Haruma cannot seem to do until he learns the truth behind Nozomi’s death. While, the rest of the group is there to help and even Aphrodite has her own breakout scenes, Nozomi (even with her passing) seems to be the strongest supporting character because her story and connection with the antagonist creates more far reaching consequences within the story and to Haruma himself.

The flirty types are always hard to get into and while it does seem like a game of cat and mouse due to what the main character is trying to do, Haruma is able to forgive himself and find his happiness with the main character. So, if you like the caring types with an angst-filled past, consider checking him out!


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