Irresistible Mistakes – Shunichiro Tachibana (Main Story) Review.

  • After a night she can’t quite remember, the main character realizes that she slept with the the man she admires the most – Shunichiro Tachibana.
  • Soon afterwards, she finds herself not only working alongside him, but also sharing his bed, but their relationship isn’t so cut and dry as it would seem to be.
  • However, the mixing of her personal and professional life might be too much once she learns the type of person Shunichiro truly is, though she cannot stop herself from falling in love.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

The main character is a young member of Addison & Rhodes’ advertisement division with a strong admiration towards the creative director, Shuichiro Tachibana. He is one of the reasons that she entered the type of work she is currently in, but she is very hardworking and always researching when it comes to her work. Once inspiration hits her, it is hard to stop her and she tends to come up with some great ideas. She is a lightweight when it comes to drinking and tends to spill out whatever she is thinking during that time, as shown within Shunichiro’s POV. However, the events of the night before leave her shaken as she tries to figure where she currently stands with Shunichiro, which causes anxiety and a deep sadness after she comes to realize her true feelings. However, as she realizes what is actually going on for Shunichiro, she finds it hard to just give up on what they have.

Shunichiro Tachibana is the creative director of Addison & Rhodes, as such he is the boss of the main character and has been her idol for quite some time. He is someone who knows what they want out of life, but has also worked hard to achieve his current status as shown with his previous work. Yet, he has certain ambitious that he is willing to do anything possible to achieve, even if it means putting his personal life on the line. Yet, he seems somewhat jaded towards work and people as shown when he talks to the main character about certain aspects of his previous work and even now dealing with the governor and trying to get the Olympic bid for the company. However, he starts to see things in a different way as he gets closer to the main character.

The story begins as the main character comes to figure out that the person she slept with the night before it none other than Shunichiro Tachibana — her boss and idol. At the same time, he decides to place her and some other talented individuals from Addision & Rhodes on a team to compete for the advertisement deal for the upcoming Olympic Games. The main character continues to spend time with Shunichiro, but is fully aware that he might be getting engaged and might not have the same view on their relationship as she does. However, the gain for Addision & Rhodes is more important, though the main character and Shunichiro might be killing their personal emotions in the end in order to make it possible.

I must admit that this is a unique turn for Voltage in terms of scenarios, but it ended sort of being the same thing as in the other games — the main character pinning over her chosen bachelor. The main character is always working towards her goal, but Shunichiro is always in the back of her mind and it gets kind of annoying after awhile, especially when it seems that he might actually take the marriage proposal. Shunichiro doesn’t help the situation much either with his constant calling and teasing of the main character, even though he shouldn’t. There is no clear definition of what they are, since the main character isn’t considered to be a “booty call”, but it is too confusing and hurtful for her to put a name on whatever they have. Unlike in Kijima’s story, I don’t see the same strong support that is slowly created over time, it is more about the sexual aspect of the relationships (and admiration on the main character’s part) that somehow turns to love –which is something I still don’t understand how it happened in Shunichiro’s POV- during the course of the story. At the same time, I don’t think that either handled that problems that they were faced with very well, but people are selfish so its understandable in that sort of way. It was just nice to see that the governor’s daughter wasn’t there to witness the whole thing, like how it happens in some other routes.

One thing I did enjoy was the use of rain as a constant metaphor within their relationship and just how many times was it was used, because it raises of a lot of different messages depending on the situation that they are in. It was used to hide them and cleanse them in so many different way, and it was just different to see some symbolism being used within a Voltage game! However, I do think that both the main character and Shunichiro do experience some personal growth during the course of the route, but in different ways though mainly in how they see themselves in terms of different relationships — both professional and personal.

The most important supporting characters seem to Yuiko and Natsume because Yuiko is there to support the main character in her own way and is sort of a good contrast with her own secret relationship. Natsume doesn’t show up until the last chapters, but he does his best to protect the main character in his own way, though he might be too late at that point. The theme seems to be centered around not giving up on what makes you happy and that certain things should be taking seriously — like relationships and marriage– as shown with Shunichiro.

Shunichiro has an interesting route and if you like his character type, consider checking him out!


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