In The Box!- Persona 5: Take Your Heart Ed.

A lot of people have heard of the Persona series, through several different ways from the manga, the anime, the recent movies, or the various sub-games that are connected to Persona 4. In its 20th year, Persona seems as popular as ever with people clamoring to the latest release with rave reviews, though it hasn’t been without its backlash as well. However, aside from all that, I have been waiting for Persona 5‘s Western release for quite some time and while it seems different from its predecessors — its catchy music, distinct Kazuma Kaneko art, and views on its own society and government — it still goes back to what make Persona and by extension the Shin Megami Tensei games such great games to play! While, I have been in-and-out of playing the recent Persona games, I knew that P5 was something I wanted to get and I wanted the Take Your Heart Ed., because it has certainly already take mine.

First off, the box art is really well done, both on the inside and outside as it shows off the main cast and their personas. While, it might seem big in size, it is actually very light and easy to carry around since I had to move around quite a lot before opening after picking it up from GameStop. Inside of the box, everything is neatly placed inside the box and within the own plastics and cases, so its initial appearance is very sleek and neat. The items inside of the box include: the OST, art book, steel book case of Persona 5, the Morgana plushie, and the Shujin Academy school bag.

One of the first things I got out of the package was the OST in order to listen to it and I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed. While there was some familiar tracks, most in relation to the Velvet Room, all of the new music for Persona 5 is great! Its jazz-related themes are catchy and Lyn’s voice is something else, that I find myself replaying both the opening song and Last Surprise over and over again.  The art book and steel book case do a great job in displaying Kazuma Kaneko’s art! There is a lot of details to the designs of the characters, though I am excited to see more of the art within The Art of Persona 5 book, since The Aesthetics book only seems to show the completed concepts of all the cast members.

The last two objects within the box are the Morgana plushie and the Shujin Academy bag. The Morgana plushie is small, as shown compared to the box, but it is soft and made out of some nice materials. The bag is surprisingly big, since it seems to fit my ’16 inch. laptop, and is rather sturdy in terms of the bag itself and the handles as well since my laptop is a bit on the bulkier side. Both are really well made and are a good drawback to the game, especially since they are two objects that are seen quite a lot within the game.

Persona 5 seems like a really great game that brings in everything that people enjoy from its predecessors and the older SMT series, but also upgrading and adding new things that catches the eye of new players to the series. Hopefully, people will enjoy it even more and I will find time to actually play it.


When you can’t hold onto all the Persona.


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