Dangerous Seduction – Yasumi Arimura (Main Story) Review.

  • After her father’s death, the main character gets dragged into some shady dealings that might have almost killed her, if it has not been for one group of wanted criminals.
  • The main character now finds herself under their constant protection until their contract ends, and she has to choose one person to constantly watch over her, she chooses Yasumi Arimura — a cold but talented hacker.
  • Arimura seems to be doing everything out of obligation to his contract, though the main character comes to realize why he is so cold towards people. Yet, will she make him see that people are actually worth trusting?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7/10

The main character at the current moment seems to be trying to overcome her father’s recent death and trying to get work as a freelance journalist. Due to this, she tends to be very curious about certain things and goes straight into researching something she doesn’t know a lot about. After meeting the group that has been sent to protect her, she is very confused and scared of whatever her father might be hiding, but she tries her hardest to keep doing the “normal” things within her life, though she finds out that is easier said than done. She is very kind and tends to care a lot about people, even if they might not feel the same way, as shown with Arimura. She is also very trusting, which tends to get her in some dangerous situations here and there. She is also very open about her feelings, though she does struggle with realizing that she has fallen in love with Arimura and what she will do with those feelings now that he has left the base. She also seems to be very sentimental since she continues to take care of Arimura’s plant long after he is gone, like she is searching for a reason to go into his room and just reminisce about him for awhile.

Yasumi Arimura is the quiet and distant hacker of the group that is protecting the main character due to the contract left by her late father. Arimura is a loner that doesn’t like talking to other people and only seems to be interested in getting the money related to the contract, though the main character later finds that this isn’t the main reason why he joined the team. He shows a lot of distrust towards people, though he does have a tendency of getting into squabbles with Masaharu here and there. At the same time, while he seems to have a low opinion of the main character and has a tendency of calling her names, he doesn’t push her away and seems surprised with her kind attitude. While spending time with him, the main character comes to see that Arimura is actually very kind though he isn’t quite used to opening up to people and while she tries to change his mind — he decides to push everyone away and leave the base to get his own revenge.

The story starts with the main character being saved by a certain group of men after she gets attacked. From that point on, she is under constant surveillance with Arimura being her bodyguard as she tries to continue her daily life, but gets unwanted attention from a certain group by the name of NOA. She comes to realize the connection between Arimura and NOA, as well as the reasons why he is so distrustful towards people. However, before she can do anything to help him Arimura decides to leave the base and hunt NOA down on his own.

While, there seems to be a lot of cute moments between Arimura and the main character, there seems to be a lack of chemistry between them for most of the game, especially when Arimura is out  during the second part of the story. The player can become aware of the main character’s feelings midway through the route, Arimura just looks at her like a pest and doesn’t really seems to really change his opinion about her until the end of the story. The main problem seems more personal, since it is based more around his distrust issues through NOA, which does gives the rest of the group a physical problem. This makes is sort of necessary to read Arimura’s POV to see how he starts trusting people due to her help, especially when Arimura is gone during the second part of the story. For the most part it seems that the main character is just pinning over a guy that really isn’t that into her.

The story also seems more based on adventure rather than romance since the main character is being protected by a group of men due to something that her father was hiding and now she has the only key to finding it. There are traps, deceptions, and hacking, which tends to fill the route more than the romantic scenes she has Arimura. The main supporting characters seem to be Mr. Inui and Caxwell –Arimura’s pet catcus– since they are there to help the main character in some way during her pinning stage. The theme seems to be centered around learning to trust again since that is the main problem between Arimura and the rest of the cast with the main character helping him overcome that — in some way.

While I usually like stories with hard to read characters that are really kind underneath, it was hard to get into Arimura’s story when he’s out of it for a large portion of it and the other half he doesn’t really seem to care for the main character. He leaves to focus on his own revenge as the main character is left with “their memories together” and Caxwell. I do believe that Arimura does care for the main character, but it doesn’t come out very well within the story and the player might need the POV story to confirm that.

There is a lot of potential within the story of Dangerous Seduction, but it really does take the right character, while Arimura’s story wasn’t the right one this time around that doesn’t mean it won’t be for someone else. So, if you like Arimura’s character type, consider checking it out, though with caution.


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