The Last Birdling Demo Review.


Bimonia is one of the last Birdlings alive on this earth. The Birdlings see humans as sworn enemies, and Bimonia has been taught to kill on sight.

One day, Bimonia meets Tayo, a human child hunting in the forest. Bimonia fails to kill Tayo, and they instead become friends. Mother will be furious if she finds out, or worse, this relationship may cause tension between the two races to erupt.

The Last Birdling explores Bimonia and Tayo’s fight for their friendship as the world threatens to tear them apart.

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While I have heard of InvertMouse’ other games, the premise to this one really caught my attention when I first saw it. The story has an interesting story and the idea of a story with dual perspectives doesn’t come up often within visual novels. However, it must first be said that the game has some really nice art. The backgrounds are nicely done as shown with lighting and displaying the variants between Bimonia’s and Tayo’s environments. The character designs do a good job in contracting the main characters in terms of their species and the type of clothes that they wear due to the areas that they live in. However, the story seems to be centered around the issues at the center of human and birdling relations and the relationship that each girl has with their mother.

The story start off with Bimonia walking around the forest as she waits for her mother’s return, but she soon realizes that there is human nearby. She finds that human to be Tayo, a girl around her age that seems to be hunting and rather good at archery. After their rather comical meeting, Bimonia and Tayo form an uneasy friendship since they are both fully aware what would happen if the other’s mother was finds out. From that point, the POV changes to that of Tayo’s and the player is shown the difficult environment that she and her mother live within their village and the darker side her personality takes on as a result. Bimonia’s current living conditions are soon shown and that in a similar way she lives with her mother, who seems to have a hatred towards humans after a Great War and the death of Bimonia’s father. At the same time, she is very protective of her only child. The story moves to the next time that Tayo enters the forest with the hope of becoming Bimonia’s friend and even taking her in as a little sister, but after an awkward reunion, Tayo comes face-to-face with Bimonia’s mother.

While they seemed to have been raised in similar environments, Bimonia and Tayo have very distinct personalities with Bimonia being more gentle-hearted and easily excited compared to Tayo. However, they both have a deep respect and fear towards their mothers and while they love them dearly, it seems that the younger girls want to prove that they do things on their own. There is also the lingering tension between humans and birdlings that greatly affects Bimonia’s mother and could potential harm Bimonia should she found be out by the villagers, so it will be interesting to see how that connects with the two girls’ relationship. What really caught my attention was that the choices made during one POV actually seem to impact the other main character in a way that isn’t entirely made clear yet, though there are 21 choices that effect the ending(s) of the game.

This game has a lot a potential to be a real tearjerker and its concept plus the way it is taking a spin on the choices makes it rather unpredictable. I look forward to seeing the finished product, so consider checking out!


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