In Your Arms Tonight – Soji Higashiyama (Main Story) Review.

  • The main character struggles in both her personal and professional life, as she tries to move on with her life following her divorce.
  • However, a new work assignment brings a former classmate –Soji Higashiyama– in to her life again and back to dealing with Genji in the most awkward of ways.
  • As they spend more time together, the main character comes to question whether she can truly be with Soji and not destroy what he has already created for himself.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

The main character is someone who is extremely hardworking and diligent in learning everything she can in order to prove herself worthy and catch up to her peers who have been working on the Design Team longer. She struggles a lot, but also seems to learn something from the experience and takes everything with stride. However, she tends to keep everything she is suffering about to herself and tries to keep moving along because she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to other people. Yet, it is because of Koichi’s cheating that the main character questions her own value and self-esteem since she doesn’t understand what she did “wrong” so early on in the marriage. It is due to this that she fears falling in love in again and seems to freeze up when she realizes that she is in love with Soji and before that due to the fact the Genji still seems to be in love with her. Due to this, the main character isn’t sure what she wants out of life anymore and tries to focus on work and other activities for awhile. However, the main character is still a romantic at heart, as shown with her choice in movies and how she interacts with Soji. Yet, she seems to have a fear of being left behind, which shows itself when thinking about what had happened between her and Genji back in high school. She is very curious, as shown with how she wants to know more about Soji when meeting him again, though he seems apprehensive about it. She might be confused about her personal feelings for some time, but she doesn’t wish to impose them on anybody and is willing to give up on things, such as not seeing Soji anymore because of the damage she has caused.

Soji Higashiyama is the complete opposite of his famous older brother. Soji is quiet, reserved, and has a tendency of staying in the background, even when its it his work at the center of what is going on. It might be due to being raised by his grandmother, but Soji has a tendency of interacting better with the older people that live around him than someone his age — some might even call him old-fashioned. Soji might be a great ceramic artist, but he is very humble about his work with the belief that he still has a lot to learn. Soji might be hard to read when it comes to emotions and what he is thinking, but he is actually very passionate about certain subjects and people. Due to their past and personalities, Soji seems to have a somewhat strained relationship with Genji, though he does care in his own way. Soji tends to be very awkward with the main character, though she takes it as she is annoying him. He might be hard to talk to, but there seems to be a calm and serene aura around him. However, like the main character, he tends to hold back when it comes to his true feelings, especially about how he feels about her because he is fully aware of the past she shares with Genji.

The story begins when the main character is told to search for a certain ceramic artist for a project she is managing for the Hotel King, Ginnosuke Oguri. She comes to find out that this ceramic artist is Soji Higashiyama, Genji’s younger brother and a former peer from high school. However, it isn’t easy to get him to work on the project at first, as she tries her hardest by coming to visit whenever she can and learning more about his art. Steadily, she finds Soji opening up more to her and she comes to realize that they are more connected than she originally thought. However, a problem arises when Genji decides to jump back into both their lives and wants to win a certain heart back. Due to that and other incidents, Soji and the main character find themselves questioning whether they can be in each other’s lives and truly be happy.

It is interesting to see the background story that the main character has with Soji and that he has had feelings for her for such a long time, and they still seem to the present even after 10 years. The problems that they seem to have seem to be more around circumstance and timing than anything else. Soji met the main character before Genji and they seem to have a lot more in common, but he never saw her again until it was too late — she was already his older brother’s girlfriend. The other incident during the latter part of the story is a complete accident, but the main character blames herself and chooses to distance herself as a result. However, Soji and the main character are really sweet together because there doesn’t have to be a lot said between them, but there is also a rather easygoing and calm atmosphere when they are with each other.

Personally, I wish that there had been more of a developed background to their high school story because Soji was in the background when everything happened between the two of them — maybe a POV side story to his story to better explain his emotions since he is rather hard to read. The main character declares that she is afraid of love and she shows this with her dilemma with Genji, but it isn’t really touched upon with Soji. While, it is good to see that she has been moving on, it would have been nice to see her open up with Soji in a similar fashion.

At the same time, while Genji and the main character do have a past together, it seemed forcefully pushed into the story line and created a weak love triangle where Genji was trying to connect with the main character again and Soji just became a 3rd wheel. However, I do condemn him for realizing that the main character had already moved on and in trying to help both of them come together — Genji is now in Soji’s place, but he lets 2 of the most important people in his life be happy together, though that entire chapter that he had for himself seemed a little odd even if it provided the proper closure to their relationship. The theme seems to be centered around taking chances because both the main character and Soji hold back on saying what they really want to and it costs them a lot of suffering in the long run until they are able to take the final step and announce what they truly feel.

Soji is a really sweet kid that has gone through a lot and it is good to see that he finally has somebody that is looking out for him, like the main character. This really is a solid story, though it might seem like the story is more about Genji than Soji at times. So consider checking it out!


2 responses to “In Your Arms Tonight – Soji Higashiyama (Main Story) Review.

  1. I love In Yours Arms Tonight but never checked out Soji or Genji’s route. I liked Kippei and Koichi the most (the latter mostly for the drama). But now I want to give Soji a chance, good review!


    • I am glad you enjoyed my review! I really don’t like Genji’s stories, but Soji is my 2nd favorite in the whole game. Maybe, you can try them out since they are on sale this weekend?


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