In The Box! – Danganronpa 1•2 Reload Limited Edition.

So, this is one of those things were you’re aware of the series, but don’t try it until someone recommends it directly to you. I have been aware for what Dangaronpa is for awhile and all the craziness that it is connected to, I even watched the first season. I tried watching the two anime that came out last year, but I became painfully aware that I needed the background story that all the games provide in order to really enjoy and understand what was going on. With a little push from @SOICHIRO on Twitter, I decided to take my chances and dive into the series, which is just around the time that NIS America announced they were porting the first 2 games to the PS4.

First off, the collector’s box art look really nice, though there really isn’t a difference between that and what is used for the cover of the PS4 box. However, as someone who has never played the games before, the characters in the back of the collector’s box do stand out due to their character designs and some I am already aware of. The back of the PS4 box also does a good job at hyping up the game, though it still seems like a complete understatement on what I have decided to get into.

In terms of the physical goods that come with the LE, I really enjoyed the artbook and OST. While, it is a bit small, it does a good job in introducing the characters from both games, but without really giving too many spoilers. The OST has around 24 songs, evenly divided between the two games. While, I am leaning more towards the first game’s OST, both are good to listen to and I am excited to hear where they will show up within the games. At the same time, while it comes with some nice physical goods, the seems a bit odd — but, maybe it is because I haven’t delved into how they might be connected to the game yet.

The last items that come with the LE are a pair of sunglasses, a golden coin, and a sticker. They are all made of really good materials and do a good job in showing off more of the game, I have even started using the glasses outside since its always so bright and sunny where I live. However, I don’t really know how these items are connected to the games jsut yet, if they are at all. Though, it does sort of feel like NIS America is trying to cloth us since the Ultra Despair Girls has a tie coming with the LE and the V3 one has a backpack, earphones, and a hat.

Overall, this is a good LE that makes me excited about playing the game and I look forward to seeing the next 2 games’ LE since I have already pre-ordered them!


2 responses to “In The Box! – Danganronpa 1•2 Reload Limited Edition.

  1. Danganronpa is one of my all-time favourite game series ever! I’m looking forward to your review when you get around to playing it 🙂 I played the series a year ago, and I’ve been waiting for the release of DRV3 ever since. Although I was initially skeptical from first impressions, I ended up immensely enjoying the game.

    Good time to pick up the series since DRV3 is coming out at the end of September 🙂


    • That’s great! I saw some people on Twitter playing it, so I decided to buy the games as they are being ported to the PS4. Hope I get to play it soon, especially by the time DRV3 comes out! 😀


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