In Your Arms Tonight – Ginnosuke Oguri (Main Story) Review.

  • The main character struggles in both her personal and professional life, as she finds out her husband is cheating on her, but there is someone supporting her through all this.
  • During an assignment for the Hotel King –Ginnosuke Oguri– the main character finds herself falling for his kind words and actions.
  • She struggles with her personal feelings and helping Koichi through his own personal problems, but will she continue with her marriage or finally give in?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7/10

The main character is someone who is extremely hardworking and diligent in learning everything she can in order to prove herself worthy and catch up to her peers who have been working on the Design Team longer. She struggles a lot, but also seems to learn something from the experience and takes everything with stride. However, she tends to keep everything she is suffering about to herself and tries to keep moving along because she doesn’t want to be an inconvenience to other people. However, it is because of Koichi’s cheating that the main character questions her own value and self-esteem since she doesn’t understand what she did “wrong” so early on in the marriage. Yet, she slowly becomes more confident in herself through Ginnosuke’s support and what she learns during the assignment. The main character is very selfless in this story, as shown with how she stays with Koichi through all his problems, even though she is no longer in love with him and even to the point that she reconsiders the marriage at some point. She seems to be a romantic at heart from everything she wants from her marriage, but she also becomes weary because of all she has seen from Ginnosuke in terms of being a “womanizer”. However, she tends to be hot and cold when it comes with what she wants out of life, especially when she realizes that she has fallen for the older man. Nevertheless, she is far too trusting in this route, as shown when she believes Ai is a good person.

Ginnosuke Oguri is someone that knows what he wants out of life and has worked hard to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He has been working for a long time in order to achieve his title as the “Hotel King” with his string of beautiful and unique hotels throughout Japan. He is kind of like Ebihara that he expects a certain degree of hard work from those around him, as shown during certain scenes with the main character, but he also isn’t afraid of trying something new — such as having a rookie interior designer create a room for his newest hotel. However, he also knows when to play and how to use his money well, as he always seems to be enjoying the finer points of life with a beautiful woman by his side. Ginnosuke has a way with words, but he sends a lot of mixed signals when it comes to the main character that tend to confuse her. However, because he put so much time into business, his marriage suffered greatly as a result to the point that he is weary about the concept of marriage and even love. While, he is easy to talk to and makes the main character realize something she might have missed before, he is actually very to read and can almost be seen as distant towards her during the last couple of chapters. At the same time, nothing seems to faze him, which helps him in the end when he is trying to save the main character from Ai’s ruse.

The story starts with the main character no having the courage to talk to Koichi about his cheating and this leads her to drink and vent to a stranger in the bar, who tells her that she should just get divorce. The next time she meets him is at work when he chooses her to design a room in his new hotel. Through their time together, both inside and outside of work, the main character finds herself falling for Ginnosuke, but she feels like she keeps getting mixed signals from him and then Koichi’s affair comes to light in his workplace. She seems to be ready to move on, but continues to stay in the marriage in order to help Koichi recuperate. The chance to restart her marriage presents herself, so what does the main character plan to do when she realizes she has truly fallen for Ginnosuke?

Personally, this feels like the most indecisive versions of the main character within IYAT because she struggles between wabting to be with Ginnosuke and helping Koichi, which also makes her a damn saint since I know personally a lot of people wouldn’t be willing to help the person who cheated on them to get back on their feet. The story also gets extremely soapbox-y towards the end since everything seems to be snowballing with Ginnosuke and Koichi, while adding Ai’s sudden stalking and revenge just might push it over with some people, especially with what Ai tries to do. Thus, I caution people when playing through it. Aside from that, I find it sort of hard to understand how the main character and Ginnosuke fall in love with each other since he seems so adverse to falling in love and the main character having him listen to her makes it seems more like comforting her rather than actually falling in love for his personality, since that is actually something she always questions when she sees him with other women!

In terms of supporting characters, both Ebihara and Koichi play strong side characters in this route. Ebihara is mostly there to provide some background information on Ginnosuke since he has known the older man for quite some time, while trying to get the main character to understand the type of personality Oguri has and how he tends to separate business from the personal. Koichi might seem like hindrance to the main character’s budding romance, but he is the one that gives her the final push outside of their marriage. Outside of his own route, this is the most character development I have seen from Koichi and it is lovely that he actually appreciates what the main character has done for him, but he is painfully aware that their marriage really can’t be saved at this point. He decides to let her go and frankly that is the most unselfish thing I have seen Koichi do within the entire game.

The theme seems to be centered around not giving up on the things that maked you happy, as shown with the main character giving up what she has created with Ginnosuke in order to help Koichi — a grave mistake she immediately regrets. It also seems to take on an idea that karma does come back to haunt a person, as shown with Koichi but after everything that has happened to them, Ginnosuke and the main character finally have a bit of happiness as well.

I don’t think this story is for everyone because of the way things are handled at times, even now I find myself cringing about how certain situations where handled by the cast, especially the main character. Ginnosuke is a mature adult, but he really seems like the only within this route, though sometimes his own actions –such as falling in love– seem to contradict his set personality, and it would have been nice to see the story from his POV, just to better understand his actions and feelings even just a little.

If you like the suave older guy, Ginnosuke might just be the right one for you, though I would be cautious about the story overall.


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