In The Box! – Nier: Automata Black Box Ed.

First off, I must say that I was really surprised when I found myself wanting the new Nier game. It wasn’t because I didn’t enjoyed the first one, but I was sort of forced into playing it and that isn’t the greatest way to introduce someone to a game. However, the characters and the story, as crazy and depressing as they could get were really interesting and dragged me along throughout their adventure. When the announcement for the new game came out, I was excited and I knew I had to buy the LE Edition, even if it put quite a dent in my pocket in order to buy it.

It must be said that the Black Box Ed. is really big, since it took 2 of us to bring it in and open it. The presentation is done really well since from the moment you see the white cover, it is already decorated with symbols related to the game’s world. The Black Box is a bit smaller, but still pretty large since it carried the art book, steel book, and 2B figure. The black box is made of some pretty sturdy material, though it still feels pretty light when carrying it around.

The first thing I took out was the box was the 2B figure and I was surprised. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, but there was a lot of detail put into her design. Her character looks exactly like the one I have seen in screenshots, while there are creases here and there that correspond with the movement she is making. There are a lot of little details added that caught my attention, like that she has a little scuffle on her boots, as if the environment was effecting her.


The art on the steel book case is also nicely done and shows off all the main characters well. Inside of the steel book, there was the OST and the game. As a side note, the music from the first game is just lovely, especially when it is done live as done with the OST. It really adds a lot if you’re an old Nier fan or really brings you in if you’re just starting to get into the series. Lastly, the art book is just wonderful! It is made out of some really thick paper, while showing off the characters and the world that Nier: Automata takes place in! There are some quotes to each of the characters and some of the places that are shown, while they are a bit cryptic it is still interesting and it piques my interest on how they are connected to the game’s story.

The Black Box Ed. is extremely well done and I think it is worth the money with how much that it provides and how well everything is made! Aside from all that, I really look forward to playing the game when I have the time.



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