In the Box! -Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite Limited Edition.

Ever since I was in school, I was fascinated by historical revolutions. Each school year, it was something slightly different and when high school came around one class turned my attention to a now to familiar fight for liberty — the French Revolution. Since that time I have indulged in all types of media I can find that contains to said revolution from watching Marie Antoinette, reading the Rose of Versailles and autobiographies of the major players, to watching different documentaries. To my surprise, there was soon something announced by Otomate that caught my attention since it connected both the French Revolution and otome games — Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite.

When BaraKaku was announced, I tried to keep up with all the news that would come out about it. It had been the first game to have caught my attention for the possibility of importing whenever it finally came out. The art and story, from what I could understand and through several translations on Tumblr, seemed interesting enough for me though I doubt (and still do) that I can completely play the game due to not understanding Japanese. I mostly tried to forget about the game…until I learned that AmiAmi was having a holiday discount on the game.

I am aware that there are different versions of the game being sold depending on where a person buys the game, even AmiAmi has a different version of the game that comes with a mouse pad of a certain CG. However, looking through different websites, I came to realize that this was the cheapest version of the game I was going to be able to buy, so I decided to import my first Japanese otome game! First off, I was really surprised with how fast the game came through the mail (it came on Christmas Eve!) and that it was well-packaged in order to protect it! The packaging is done well and comes with extra goodies, such as the OST and a drama CD.

The design of the box and the art in general are nice overall! Since the only part of the this I can indulge on is the soundtrack, I have come to really love the classic but catchy tunes especially when there is such a large collection of music to choose from. It might not make sense that I decided to buy a game that I can never play, due to the language barrier, but I am happy that I bought it rather than just regretting it that I didn’t buy it, and you never know it might get localized…if I pray hard enough.


2 responses to “In the Box! -Bara ni Kakusareshi Verite Limited Edition.

  1. I have about 45 games I imported and of those I can only understand 2 half way and only 1 completely on my own. I wouldn’t worry about it. Haha plus, there are several bloggers who write pretty much line for line exactly what happens so this is how I’ve played BWS and DL. Here is one blog that doe this:

    now you CAN play otoge despite the language barrier!!


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