The Lady’s Choice – Lord Amesbury Review.

  • Lady Sophia Ingham has returned to the high society of Bath for the first time in a long time in order to help her old friend, Lady Arabella. In her first event back, she meets a rather interesting and eligible bachelor — Lord Amesbury.
  • Sophia finds herself trying to navigate through the familiar but new world, courting a Lord that hates society and gaining the interest of a certain thief.
  • In a place where reputation and gossip are the most important things, one has to wonder if Sophia will be able to find her own happiness in the end.

Lady Sophia Ingham (name is changeable) returning to the high society of Bath after being away from quite some time. With the help of her old friend, she tries her best to navigate her way through the ball when she meets three interesting men — Lord Amesbury, Lord Stanton, and Captain Blake. One is completely shunned by society because of the rumors that surround him. Another is so baffled by its intricacies that it makes him seem awkward and distant. While the last one is following their family’s wishes to marry, but with no desire to deal with everything that comes with high society, regardless of his near perfect standing. Through her interactions with all three of them, Sophia might find a new outlook on high society and the potential of finding something more lovely than that. Nevertheless, nobody ever goes into high society with getting dragged through the mud first –metaphorically, of course–, the question arises on whether Sophia and her suitor can survive all that is thrown at them this season or if it will all be over by the next tea party.

Before talking about the stories or the bachelors, it should be said that Sophia is a really well-written and versatile main character. The game has personality choices which allow the player to decided what type of person Sophia is from someone that is endlessly kind and patient to a little spitfire that doesn’t really care about the boundaries placed on her by high society. Her personality is also reflected in how the other characters see her (especially in the things that they adore or dislike of her personality) and in terms of what ending is chosen. However, there is always some type of reasoning behind her actions and people seem to understand that she is the only one that will make the decisions about her own person, which while not looked upon greatly by society is certainly respected by some.

At the same time, due to certain reasons, Sophia’s outlook on society has an extra emphasis in Amesbury’s route, especially when dealing with Lord Montfort and how he might approve/disapprove of her in regards to being his best friend’s bride-to-be. While, it was surprising at first, it was good to see someone outside of Sophia’s immediate group and the person courting her express their view on her through several different ways depending on the personality chosen. It was also fun trying to get his approval and seeing a completely different side to him when the main character didn’t not shun high society like her potential suitor.

Just like Captain Blake and Lord Stanton are almost opposites of each other, Lord Amesbury’s story and character is a completely different animal from the other two routes. Lord Amesbury is someone whose family is completely welcomed by high society as one of the richest in Bath with his father actively participating and looking for a proper future wife for his son, so that he can carry out the name. However, Amesbury, in a similar way to Sophia in the beginning of the game, doesn’t have a strong opinion on the rules of high society and tries to shun it as much as he can. This type of lifestyle seems too stuffy for him and he tries to find fun through various methods, such as reading and the occasional prank, which is quite the opposite of his best friend — Lord Monfort. At the same time, there seems to be a thief taking items from members of high society and giving them to others, as if joking with them though recently their interest has been caught by Lady Ingham. Depending on her personality, Sophia might find herself in a wonderful romance or be told that two fools shouldn’t be together.

From playing the prologue and seeing them interacting before the full route came out, Lord Amesbury’s route didn’t disappoint! The story was great and their interactions were done well, though I did enjoy when they had opposing views on high society since the old “opposites attract” is proven true. While, it is subtle it is good to see how Sophia slightly changes Amesbury’s point-of-view on certain things, but they still have a lot in common to connect and win his father’s approval. It is also great to see that Sophia still has a support system in Arabella and Foxley that worry and try to protect her, but Amesbury also has the same in Montfort, though he does it in a stranger and more extreme way.

Overall, Lord Amesbury is good way to complete The Lady’s Choice in terms of both personality and story telling. While, it isn’t my favorite route, it does have a lot that makes it memorable like the other two. If you like a good story or simply enjoy stories about landed gentry, consider checking this wonderful game out!


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