Star Crossed Myth – Scorpio (Main Story) Review.

  • The main character makes the unconscious decision of having Scorpio save her, from that point she has to help the rather ill-tempered god pass judgement on certain humans.
  • However, she soon finds out that Scorpio doesn’t want to be near any humans and only sees her as a means to going back to the heavens, which causes the formation of their brittle relationship.
  • Yet, she is able to understand him a bit more once learning about his past, but can he really be cleansed of his sin?

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 7.5/10

The main character is someone who loves the stars and her work in the planetarium shows that. However, due to being the reincarnation of a goddess, she finds herself in a strange new world full of gods that want her to cleanse them of their sins. The main character can be very sweet and caring, but she also knows how to fight back when Scorpio pushes her too far and though she doesn’t out right refuse his orders, she makes it known how bothered she is by his attitude and dislike towards humans. Yet, she tries her hardest to understand the situation surrounding her and the reasons behind Scorpio’s vocal dislike of humans, though she does grows frustrated with his attitude and makes it know to not just him but others as well.

From the start, it doesn’t look like Scorpio enjoys being on Earth or any where near humans, buts since the main character is the closest one to him, she tends to get the burnt of his insults. On the surface, he is short-tempered, brutish, blunt, and at times almost cruel which makes the main character have on instant bad impression of him and the way he orders her around doesn’t help the situation either. However, he truly cares about his job (and doing it right) and cares about the other gods that work within his department, as shown with Altair, though he isn’t afraid to disciplined them either as shown with Ichthys and Dui. As the route moves forward, the main character also becomes one of the people he cares about, but not without its setbacks especially due to their fights early on. However, there is a dark reason for his hatred towards humans.

The main character picks Scorpio as the god to save her, but she quickly comes to regret that decision as he forces her to remove his sin, though she doesn’t know how — much to his displeasure. From then on, the main character helps Scorpio complete his duties of punishing humans where she quickly finds out that he hates human and their perceived attitudes, which makes it quite hard for her to work with him without any tension. While, they slowly come to understand each other, another force is lurking in the background that soon reminds Scorpio of his past and why he hated humans in the first place. The question is whether he can learn to forgive and open his heart to humanity or if he will just sink further into his forbidden sin.

Personally, after going through the subject within Iori’s route, the concept of child soldiers felt sort of bland and weakly held together. Yes, it is horrible that the child within the route (and Scorpio during his lifetime) go through that, but besides mentioning there isn’t a solid explanation to his thinking process or past experience that connects who he is now to the person that he used to be. It’s simply “Scorpio used to be a child solider” being used as to why he hates humans and by extension the main character, we are supposed to have empathy for him but it is rather weakly placed, especially when the one that makes a connection with the current child solider is the main character and not Scorpio. Once again, it tries to bring in a serious subject haphazardly within the story, thus weakening its full potential impact.

In terms of romance, it is good to see that while they don’t fully understand one another, both Scorpio and the main character put a bit of concern towards the other, though it might not be for the right reasons at first. It is also good to see that with her subtle actions she begins to both break his hardened shell and show him a different side to humans, though he still might not be completely sold on the matter by the end of the route. They are both frustrated with each other most of the time, but it is kind of funny to see that eventually ends up with them falling for each other. It is particularly well-done when taking Scorpio’s POV into account since he is a hard person to read when he isn’t really angry.

The main supporting cast seems to be centered around Ichthys and Dui who seem to be the most supportive towards the main character in trying to help her feel better and making her understand Scorpio’s situation. Zyglavis also appears from time to time in order to provide the needed background information to understand Scorpio’s feelings towards humans. The theme of the story seems to be the need to forgive but not necessarily forget, while the player isn’t told what happened to Scorpio as a child solider, it was enough to have him close off his heart towards the rest of humanity and do his job in a way that wasn’t right until he was marked by the king. It is her own humanity that allows him to open his eyes and overcome all the hatred within him.

Scorpio doesn’t have the strongest story, but there are certain things within the route that make it good, such as their relationship and the overall journey of trying to get Scorpio to slowly overcome his hatred.


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