Forgotten, Not Lost Review.


    • An old farmer lives with his wife. However, he hasn’t quite been himself lately. His mind wanders off, he forgets his daily routine, and he often brings up things from the past.
    • Though it is hard for his ageing wife, she still loves him dearly and has a great deal of patience with him, especially when he discusses the painful parts of their long life together. Until one day, something happens that changes their lives.
    • This kinetic novel deals with the effects of dementia and Alzheimer’s has on a family, but it also deals with love and the pain of losing a family member in the process.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 8/10

To be honest, this is the first time I deal with playing through a kinetic novel, so I only had a small idea of what I was going through. Basically, I was reading through the story of an elderly man that was slowly losing his memories because of an illness that he didn’t know he has because of the setting of the story, but it slowly becomes something more than that. What first made me interested in moving forward with this novel was the characters depicted in the banner above. While, it is a simple design of both the young characters, I wanted to what was their connection to the older man that was slowly losing his memories. Opening the game, there isn’t really anything noteworthy of the rather simple GUI interface, but the music does come in to set the mood for the simple life of a farmer and it continues to do a good job in letting the player feel the emotions of the scene.

The game, as previously stated, is scene playing through the eyes of an old farmer who lives with his wife. However, he slowly finds himself losing his memories of things that have happened recently and tends to often remember things from when he was younger. This is shown to the player through his inner monologue and how his mind tends to quickly move from one subject to another or how he tends to quickly forget things. At the same time, there are certain things that his mind clings to, such as: his daughter, the earlier days of his marriage, and his father. On the outside, the player can see how his wife deals with the problems he has with his memory. The player can see that his wife goes through a range of emotions when dealing with his ever changing mind. There are times were she can be kind and laughs, times were she reprimands him softly, but there are also moments were she is sad, especially when dealing about the subject of their daughter. However, above all else, she is patience with him and tries her hardest to support him in order to make his life easier, as shown when she goes to the village instead of him. This really adds a bittersweet feel to the story because though he might forget details about her here and there, the love that they have is still strong beyond his own illness and what happens later on.

During the second half of the story, after his wife leaves for the village, the farmer welcomes some visitors to his home due to the storm — a young mother and her tomato costume wearing daughter. This second half goes a bit faster than the first, especially with what happens to the farmer’s wife and its aftermath. This part is a bit more confusing because of the two added characters and who they might exactly be, but the farmer’s grief is extremely palpable, especially when him talking about being left all alone in the world. Eventually, the farmer comes to realize who the travelers staying with him really are and with one last visit from an old friend, the farmer in a rather emotional scene is able to move onto the next life happily.

Though the writing is a bit confusing in the second half, the theme of love is shown throughout the whole story. All the members of this small family that they love each other deeply and still care about each other regardless of what has happened to them — everything they have built together is still strong even with all the years that have passed. Though, I have never met or dealt with a person that has dementia or Alzheimer’s, the writing does a good job in showing the farmer’s struggle with his illness and how it effects his wife, and in extension the other two characters. Though there is a second problem, it doesn’t take away from the dealing with the farmer’s illness and how he handles his everyday life. While, it is a sweet and fulfilling story, there are moments where the story can be confusing and there are somethings that are left unexplained, but at the end — the story does leave the player with a deep feeling for the farmer and his illness, hopefully helping raise more awareness about dementia and Alzheimer’s in the long run.

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