The Duenkhy Demo Review.


  • For centuries, humans and duenkhy –non-humans: monsters, talking animals, sentient machines, fairies, and the list goes on– have lived with each other, but there are those who believe they’re better off separated. The game is centered around such a town where Jun Renaud decides to move into.
  • The problem is that Jun is a human moving into a duenkhy-only community in order to live with their old friend, thus they must hide their true identity from all the duenkhy they meet.
  • From that point on, Jun must deal with their new living situation, their past, and the new relationships they build with their new neighbors.

The story begins with Jun (name is changeable) moving into their new home that they share Lady, a duenkhy that they have known since high school. From that point, Jun slowly becomes accustom to their new surroundings while meeting the duenkhy that are their new neighbors. However, at the same time, Jun has to hide the truth of what they really are, while coming to the decision of how they will change — since it seems like one of the reasons why they decided to move in the first place. However, as they come to learn more about their new neighbors, it seems that they all have their own set of problems or mysteries, which raises the question of how each of them might change as the player moves through each route. Towards the end of the demo, the player is able to play through Cassius’s first chapter.

The writing for the game is really solid so far! It does a good job at explaining the details of the world and Jun’s emotions in regards to certain situations. The cast is diverse and are unique in their designs and personalities, from sweet timid Cassius to kind Tor to playful Krystoff. Everyone is welcoming to Jun in their own way, though there might be slight differences due to their personalities but that is what makes their introductions stand out from each other. Personally, the characters that really stood out to me were Krystoff, Cassius, and Calisto. The writing also does a good job in creating a nice dynamic between Lady and Jun in terms building their background and how they care about each other as friends. As the player moves forward through Cassius’s first chapter, Jun and him have very good and sweet interactions despite the initial awkwardness.

All the characters have really nice designs and as non-humans all seem completely different from each other, while having the familiar concept of “monsters” that we might be used to, such as with Shawn and Tor. However, this game is good in showing that there is more than just appearance when it comes to these characters. The music is also really well done and steps up the scenes, but does it well during the first chapter of Cassius’s route because of the type of duenkhy he is. It really does create a certain light setting, but it does a good job at exhibiting Cassius’s abilities

The Duenkhy seems like a great game in progress with the possible changes that can happen to Jun but to all the cast as well. It has great designs and the potential to have a really relatable main character in Jun, no matter who the player is. This seems like a really sweet and charming game in the making, so please consider checking out the demo!


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