Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons Demo Review.


  • Tsubasa Fujimoto is a normal university student who is suddenly thrown into the world of the supernatural due to an incident involving her mother.
  • Due to her new powers, Tsubasa is made to choose one gentleman to help her better adjust to said powers and accompany her through this journey of self-discovery, though their reactions tend to vary.
  • This demo really shines and shows the bright potential that this game has, while showing off the bachelors, Tsubasa, and the overall mystery of the game.

Learn more about Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons on: Tumblr | Twitter | Steam | Facebook | Patreon| ichiti.o

To beginning with, the game has really beautiful art and has progressed to be even more attention grabbing and stylish as the game’s development has moved forward – it has gotten more beautiful when it comes to Tsubasa’s design. The GUI is also very well done and really correlates well with the art to make a very good presentation for the game. The music also does a great job in setting the mood for the scenes when it needs to. As the player moves progress through the demo, they also comes to realize that the writers have also done a good job with their characters and the pacing of the game in order to leave them more intrigued about the full game when it comes out.

The demo begins within Tsubasa Fujimoto’s (name is changeable) first week of university. Like an freshman, Tsubasa is trying to make sure she has everything together from finding her classes to learning how to live in her dorm, throughout all that she has small incidents with 5 guys. Without paying much attention to these incidents, she continues on with her day which ends with her receiving an strange email to meet with her mother during the weekend. After a strange meeting and learning that she might not exactly be human, Tsubasa finds herself in a certain area of her university that she has never been in before with all the guys she had met before the accident. Her emotions get out of control and so do her powers with the end result being Tsubasa needing to choose one of these 5 men to help her better control her powers and navigate through this strange new world. In the new version of the demo, the player is able to select one of the eligible bachelors and see a small glimpse of their route. Each doing a good job in showing a bit more of their personality and what their possible problems might be down the road.

The bachelors all have a diverse set of personalities and really do liven up the second half of the demo with how they interact with each other and with Tsubasa, depending on who is chosen. From the beginning, Tsubasa is shown to be a well-written character with how well-rounded she is due to the choices given to the player and the wide range of emotions she displays when it comes to her current situation. It will be intersting to see how she learns to use her powers and comes to accept what she really is. All her interactions with the rest of the cast seem a bit cold, so it will be exciting to see how she will get close to her chosen bachelor and to the group in general. The demo does a great job at introducing subtle hints at what may be the problem for all 5 of the guys might be, but the ones that might catch a player’s attention are: Shou, Tatsuya, and Hikaru.

Overall, the demo showcases the great potential that this game (in both art and story) and I highly recommend for people to try out the new demo, check out their social media, and to look forward to first route coming out January/February 2016.


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