Cupid Demo Review.

  • Rosa didn’t always have a name. It was until her best friend, Catherine, gave her one and the only deep human connection Rosa has ever had. However, Catherine’s now dead and Rosa knows that there is only one person to blame, Marquis Guilleme. With Mother’s help, Rosa is trying to find out the truth, without knowing what will become of her in the long run.
  • Cupid has a very interesting story with various characters hiding secrets and something magical being used behind the scenes. All this brings in a twist to Rosa going into something much deeper that might behind her best friend’s death.
  • Rosa is also a very unique main character, almost as mysterious as the Marquis, and playing through Mother’s point-of-view makes this game atypical and attention grabbing.

The game starts with a nameless girl that through circumstance ends up at a lavish mansion, being saved by a young girl named Catherine who gives her the name Rosa. At the same time, Rosa comes to meet Marquis Guilleme who she cannot seem to look at directly without blushing, but who treats her kindly as well. Mother warns Rosa, like she always does, that neither of these people should be trusted, but Rosa doesn’t pay attention and openly welcomes the human interaction. Years later, Catherine is dead and Rosa knows that the Marquis is behind this, she just doesn’t know how or why. She decides to find out the truth behind Catherine’s death and what the Marquis is hiding. With the help of Mother, she plans on making him pay – though she has no idea what might happen to herself in the process.

The art is very well done in this game with the shading and dark colors going along with the story’s theme of secrets and magic that surrounds it. Everything in the game gives of the “classical” feeling of being in 17th century France, which was quite enjoyable. The demo’s story leaves a lot of questions left to be answered, but it keeps the player very invested in the game through to the very end. Playing through the Mother’s aspect was also very intersting and what I enjoyed the best out of the game because of the choices that can be made. It’s an extremely appealing point of the game, which leaves the character to wonder why this separate aspect of Rosa was created and how her choices will effect Rosa and the story overall.

However, the most intersting aspect of the game might be Rosa herself – a once nameless girl who is now seeking the truth and justice. It is the truth that the Marquis is hiding a lot of things, but Rosa is a character filled with a lot of mystery as well. As shown, she is someone that clings to anyone that shows her affection or to the voice that she calls “Mother”, but she also knows magic and appears to have some type of special magic from what is shown in the beginning of the demo. Rosa seeks love, but she is also very afraid of people and has a particular set of emotions towards the Marquis. It will be intersting to see what changes she goes through in order to get justice for Catherine or if she will fall into his trap, as it seems so many others have as well.

This game seems quite the gem in the making, and I highly suggest you should check out ferventstudio ‘s upcoming game here.

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