Our Two Bedroom Story: Shusei Hayakawa (Main Story) Review.

  • Shusei Hayakawa is a senior member of Seasonelle that is easy going and nice to all those around him. He is also the the main character’s new stepbrother, as well as her mentor.
  • The main character and Shusei seem to get along perfectly well with sparking flying around them from the beginning, but there are obstacles along the way.
  • However, Shusei has a serious personal problem and adding Minato to the mix does not help, with everyone trying to figure their feelings and how it will effect both their personal and professional lives.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

The main character is a sweet and easygoing person that tries to get along with everyone. She is a bit on the naive side and can get teased easily by some of her coworkers, mostly Minato. She seems like a relaxing person in the home environment that she sets up with Shusei, and both of them fall easily into the habit of living with each other, though they decide to leave a separate times in order to avoid suspicion. The main character also cares deeply about others and tries her best to make others feel better, regardless of how she might be feeling. What is surprising, is how quickly the main character falls in love and admits g that she has feeling for Shusei. The main problem comes from Shusei himself.

Shusei is considered by some in the publishing office to be the “perfect guy”. He is sweet and considerate to all those around him, and especially to the main character when they are living together. He is easy to talk to and always has a smile on his face, regardless of what he might be feeling at the time. He is also a great mentor, as is shown with the scenes of him training the main character in her new job. However, there is also a dark side to Shusei, one that takes everything to heart and blames himself for things even if it wasn’t his fault. Due to this, Shusei always seems like he is trying to make for something, especially when it comes to dealing with Minato. It is this side of Shusei that gives the main character the most problems and what she has to overcome in order for them to become a couple.

Shusei is chosen to be a mentor for the main character and help her transition into her new job, at the same time they start living together as family. For brief time, everything seems to be going great for the both of them, as they easily fall into routine of supporting each other both at home and at work. However, the main character starts working on an article with Shusei when coming to realize that she has fallen in love with him. She tries to confess her emotions, but finds that he has been avoiding her. Problems arise with the article and how it is viewed by the public, as the main character sees problems grow between Minato’s and Shusei’s friendship. She tries to help Shusei (in both cases) come to understand how his point of view is wrong and to better understand Minato’s own feelings. She helps heal their friendship and becomes an official couple with Shusei when they both declare their feelings for each other. However, it might be a bit hard to deal with Shusei’s personality and the way Minato is forced into the route.

The theme of the story seems that have a strong trust in people and to not let things hang in the air – to try to work things out. This is the main problem that Shusei has, once he has made up his mind he will distance himself and self-sacrifice his own feelings for the sake of others (especially Minato), regardless of his own feelings. He becomes aware of Minato’s feelings and becomes distant from the main character, which can be a bit annoying, especially when the main character realizes that she is in love with Shusei. However, he does learn to be more selfish and talk things out with his best friend.

In terms of supporting cast, Minato is very important because he is part of the main conflict surrounding Shusei, but also because of his own feelings towards the main character – though it can seem a bit cliche. Yet, he is also extremely supportive towards his best friend and the main character once he realizes what they have and tries his best to help them when they need support regarding their article.

Overall, this is a solid and sweet route with Shusei falling exactly into his role of “perfect guy” in his moments.


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