Kiss of Revenge: Kyosuke Narumi (Main Story/Another Story) Review.

  • Kyosuke Narumi is a friendly and easy-going physician that works in Internal Medicine  and who seems to have taken a liking to the main character. However, there is something melancholic that hides behind his bright smile.
  • Narumi is always there to help the main character and just about everybody to the point of being noisy. Due to this and his general attitude, the main character is at first put off by him, but start to learn that he is a more serious person than he lets on.
  • It is intersting to see both the main character and Narumi try to help each other move on, while learning the self-sacrifice isn’t the answer.

★ ☆ ✰ Rating: 9/10

It should be said that the main character is a very serious person in this route and a doctor that seems to go by “the book”, which is the opposite of Narumi. It could be said that she is very emotional as well because of the burden of getting revenge and the doubt that is raised by Narumi. However, she is also a very patient woman when she needs to be, as is shown with how she deals with Narumi and her patients. Yet, she at times is very determined to handle things on her own, regardless of who wants to help her which causes a bit of tension with Narumi because she would rather shoulder all her burdens on her own. In addition, this makes the main character somewhat socially awkward when it comes to talking to other people, as is shown through several scenes with Narumi and the rest of the supporting cast. Yet, both Narumi and the main character have a tendency of being self-sacrificing for a serious purpose.

Kyosuke is a very complicated man and hides a deep melancholy underneath his bright smile. Though, Narumi always smile and tries his best to make everyone happy, this in contrast to the main character’s personality makes them a rather hilarious pair to all those around them. He is also very serious about his work and patients making him a great doctor, even if he doesn’t believe it himself. He is also very observant and tries everything possible to ease the problems of other people. This might be due to Narumi being sensitive to other people’s emotions and feeling the need to make them happy, regardless of his own emotions. Due to reasons, he also carries a deep sense of guilt which leads to him having deep insecurities about his own abilities. All of this creates a combination of Narumi being extremely self-sacrificing when it comes to certain things and to take drastic measures in order to save the people he loves.

The supporting cast varies in importance between the main story and the “Another Story”, but they are still important, especially Nurse Narumi and Ayame. Nurse Narumi is important because of how her and her son act around each other, both are sensitive to each other’s feelings but by keeping secrets have been unintentionally hurting each other in the long run until the main character comes in and helps them deal with it. In a way, it can be seen as a parallel to the main character and the feelings she has about revenge and her own mother and what her mother might think about the path she is currently on. Ayame is important because she is a connection between the main character and Narumi. She gives the main character hints into her own feelings when she doesn’t believe herself about liking Narumi and reinforces the main character’s suspicions on whether Narumi is acting weird or avoiding her. Ayame helped move the story forward at the moments when the main character is unable to understand Narumi due to his unique character type. Other supporting characters aren’t shown very much, but are there to reinforce that the main character and Narumi make a great working team and a very funny duo due to their antics.

The main story is really heartbreaking because of the many secrets and lies, it shows that the main character wasn’t own person hurt by the accident 12 years ago. It is a common pain that is shared by many people in Ebisu Hospital and Narumi along with his mother are two of those people. Though, there are a lot of sweet moments between the main character and Narumi, there is also a lot of heartbreaking moments because they both chose to kill their emotion and go forward with dramatic actions of self-sacrifice. However, in the end once everything is settled and the main character’s mother has received justice, the main character has gained a new family with Narumi and his mother, while both of them have learned to speak more openly about their feelings to each other and to not be burdened by the guilt of the past. The “Another Story” deals more with Narumi’s personal sense of guilt and the problems he has with how he became a doctor, which leads to his own personal self-sacrifice in order to become a better person. The main character is left to deal with Narumi’s insecurities and helping him move forward, while helping him understand the need of communication between the two of them now that they have entered a relationship. Though they spend time apart in the end, it could be said that it has made Narumi a stronger and more confident person, as well as making their own relationship stronger in the process.

It seems that the quote “when planning for revenge, dig two graves” is most appropriate for this route because it is shown well with both Narumi and the main character. This can be said for both of them because the dramatic choices that they make could potentially hurt several others as well, but at times they cannot see that. It takes them seeing different versions of their own destructive behaviors for them to cling to each other and try to make them see that life and moving on from the guilt is so much better. Together, they eventually learn to not be burdened by the past, but accept it and learn from it in order to become stronger people.

It may at times be dramatic, but this is a solid story full of wonderful development and bittersweet moments.


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